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Issue #69 (July 2020)

From the Editor

Seasoned readers know that while we mostly stick to our wheelhouse of nutrition and supplementation, we occasionally cover other topics that help you take charge of your health. For instance, we’ve tackled studies on mindfulness in NERD. We also have an “outside the box” category in our newly-launched Examine Personalized (which you have access to as a NERD subscriber!) that has covered research on binaural beats. We’ve also written about public health issues on our site.

We continue with the public health theme in this issue by featuring our interview with Ray Dorsey, co-author of the book Ending Parkinson’s Disease. We not only discuss what you can do to reduce the individual risk of Parkinson’s disease, but also talk about political actions we can take collectively to help stem the Parkinson’s pandemic for others. While it may sound strange to call a noncommunicable disease an “epidemic,” Parkinson’s disease rates are accelerating worldwide at an alarming rate for reasons partially to do with environmental factors, so there’s good reason to use the term.

We also talk a bit about that other pandemic that’s probably on your mind in the latest NERD News installment by discussing a trial that explored whether certain precautions could stem the spread of COVID-19 at gyms in Oslo, Norway. The results revealed no difference in infection rates between gymgoers and non-gymgoers, suggesting that gym attendance didn’t raise the risk of COVID-19 infection. However, I’m hesitant to take this result at face value because the low infection rate in the gymgoers could just be due to the low infection rate in the entire study population. More data should be coming out of Oslo in the coming months, which will paint a clearer picture of whether the precautions they’re taking are enough to stem the spread of COVID-19 in gyms.

Gregory Lopez, MA, PharmD
Editor-in-chief, Nutrition Examination Research Digest

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