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Issue #63 (January 2020)

From the Editor

Welcome to the first issue of NERD for 2020!

In 2019, we made a big change to the NERD: making it web-based. We did this for a few reasons, some based on internal discussions and a lot based on reader feedback. For us, having a web-based NERD allows for quicker releases on our end. For you, it makes it easier to find the articles you want using our online tag-based system — something that wasn’t easily possible with a PDF-only product. For both of us, having articles be web-based allows for hyperlinking previous NERD articles in order to reference them, so when we mention a previous review, you can just click a link to go there rather than scrubbing through PDFs yourself.

We understand that a lot of you also like PDFs, so after each issue’s wrapped up, we bundle all the articles, along with my intro, into a single PDF so you can read it all in one go if you’d like.

While the web-based transition was a pretty major change, in this issue, we’ve made a much smaller change that those of you with a keen eye may have noticed: two of the old standard review sections have been replaced. The past several issues contained once section called “What does this study really tell us?” and another called “The Big Picture”. The first one discussed the implications of the study’s results, while the latter put the study under review into a larger context by looking at other relevant literature.

However, after going with this approach for a while, we noticed that it was often difficult to talk about the implications of a study without immediately referencing other relevant literature. The approach we were taking artificially separated these two talking points, when in fact they play off one another quite well.

So, as of this issue, we’ve decided to change things up a bit. We’ve replaced the two old sections with one larger section: “The Bigger Picture”. This new single section allows us to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the study at hand in the context of other relevant research, all in one fell swoop. We think it’s a more natural way to tease out the implications of the study we’re reviewing. We hope you agree. If you have any comments about the change, whether positive or constructively negative, feel free to let us know!

There are a few more changes in store for next month, so stay tuned!

Gregory Lopez, MA, PharmD
Editor-in-chief, Nutrition Examination Research Digest

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