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Issue #42 (April 2018)

Letter from the Editor

Articles in this issue

  • Interview: Danny Lennon, MSc
    We chat with the founder of Sigma Nutrition and combat sports nutritionist Danny Lennon about his background, the unique nutritional challenges faced by combat sports athletes, and two things he thinks everyone can do to improve their lives.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid for carpal tunnel syndrome
    Previous human studies examining ALA have either given it along with other supplements or only administered it post-surgery. This trial looks at ALA's effects on its own, both before and after surgery.
  • Throwdown, round 3: plant vs. animal protein for bone health
    We've previously covered plant vs. animal protein's effects on the metabolic syndrome and diabetes, and both rounds have ended in a draw for main outcomes. Will either come out on top this round?
  • Protein gains: not just for the men
    Women are underrepresented in many areas of research. This study focuses specifically on female physique athletes to see how high vs. low protein intake affects fat-free mass.
  • From French Paradox to plaque regression
    Observational data suggests that moderate wine consumption could be heart healthy. This follow-up to a study we covered in a previous NERD puts this hypothesis to the test.
  • Can whole grains improve insulin resistance in obese adults?
    What impact does replacing refined grains with whole grains in a macronutrient-matched diet have on weight loss and glucose regulation? This study aims to find out.
  • A fishy relationship between omega-3 fatty acids and heart health Open Access
    We review a recent major meta-analysis which examined only large and long clinical trials to find out whether omega-3’s really affect CVD risk.
  • Interview: Michael Crosier, PhD
    In this interview, we chat with Dr. Crosier about the ins and outs of learning and teaching nutrition and dietetics, his research on vitamin K, and more.
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