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Issue #32 (June 2017)

Letter from the Editor

Articles in this issue

  • Another look at the diet-heart hypothesis
    When you replace saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat, some studies suggest that good things should happen. But there’s more than one way to interpret the available studies.
  • Can chondroitin save knee cartilage?
    Chondroitin’s mixed results for slowing the progression of osteoarthritis may be due to the low-quality or lower-dose chondroitin used in some studies. Looking at the structural effects of higher-dose, pharmaceutical-grade chondroitin could shed more light on its efficacy
  • Protein, fast and slow
    Fast-digesting whey helps with post-workout muscle protein synthesis, and some studies suggest slower-digesting casein reduces muscle protein breakdown. This opens the possibility that their combination could be better than either alone
  • Timing protein before bed for gains
    Sleep is one big fast, which could put muscles’ protein balance into the red. Could taking slow-acting casein before bed put the balance back into the black overnight?
  • Interview: Matthew Dalby, PhD
    Dr. Dalby’s research explores the links between diet, obesity, and the microbiome. In this interview, we discuss fecal transplants, the role of animal models in research, and more.
  • Should 1000 IU be the new RDA for vitamin D? Open Access
    Since it was set in 2010, the 600 IU vitamin D RDA has been widely circulated. But a close look at individual patient data may give a more accurate estimate of vitamin D needs.
  • Better performance with nitrate supplementation?
    Nitrates are one of the few supplements that consistently show promise for athletic performance. But should you take them acutely or chronically for best effect?
  • Interview: Kenneth Brown, MD
    Dr. Brown is an accomplished gastroenterologist who has conducted clinical trials on supplements and drugs for GI conditions. We pick his brain here



Margaret Wertheim, M.S., RD Alex Leaf, M.S Courtney Silverthorn, Ph.D. Zach Bohannan, M.S. Anders Nedergaard, Ph.D. Jeff Rothschild, M.Sc., RD Greg Palczewski, Ph.D. James Graham, Ph.D.


Gregory Lopez, Pharm.D. Pablo Sanchez Soria, Ph.D. Kamal Patel, M.B.A., M.P.H., Ph.D(c)


Arya Sharma, Ph.D., M.D. Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D. Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. Katherine Rizzone, M.D. Mark Kern, Ph.D., RD Gillian Mandich, Ph.D(c) Adel Moussa, Ph.D(c)

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