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Issue #26 (December 2016)

Letter from the Editor

Articles in this issue

  • Gelatin + vitamin C + exercise = joint benefits?
    Exercise can help remodel soft tissue, including the collagen in joint tissue. Researchers already knew that vitamin C and gelatin are involved in collagen formation, and here they are tested along with exercise in a randomized trial.
  • What happens to diets when you control food quality?
    Dieters often control their intake of either carbs or fat. But when dieting, the overall quality of food you eat can also change. Do low-fat and low-carb diet effects differ, even if you control for food quality?
  • Can diet soda ruin your diet?
    Evidence is still quite mixed when it comes to diet soda effects on weight loss (or gain). Observational evidence often contradicts with trial evidence. This study adds to the body of evidence, specifically on those with type 2 diabetes.
  • Interview: Dr. Taylor Wallace, PhD
    Dr. Wallace has done research in a variety of areas, including anthocyanins in plants. Here, we ask him about topics ranging from food additives to supplement side effects.
  • Cut out FODMAPs, cut out IBS symptoms? Open Access
    If you have IBS, you know that physicians often lack well-supported dietary recommendations, so new research can be extremely valuable. This study is the first meta-analysis on the low-FODMAP strategy for curbing IBS symptoms
  • Can probiotics help with Alzheimer’s?
    With an aging population, more and more people know someone with Alzheimer’s. As a disease of the brain, symptoms could be helped by supporting an organ that plays directly into brain health: the gut.
  • Curcumin for a clear nose
    There are two types of people in the world: those who get seasonal allergies, and those who don’t. If you sneeze and wheeze, this trial on curcumin for allergic rhinitis provides must-read information.
  • Interview: Grant Tinsley, PhD
    Remember that neat intermittent fasting study in the previous issue of NERD? We were lucky enough to interview one of the study authors, Grant Tinsley.
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