How to use the Study Summaries

Staying on the cutting edge of supplement and nutrition research will finally be easy. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the Study Summaries, included as part of the Examine Membership.

Table of Contents:

  1. Select your categories
  2. Take a look at the "settings" page
  3. Keep an eye out for tags
  4. Use the search bar
  5. Look through the archives
  6. Download the latest issue as a PDF
  7. Use the action bar

1. Select your categories

You can select from 25 health categories to keep up with what matters to you (and not let the rest overwhelm you). Our presets make it easy to select popular topic groupings, but feel free to mix and match!

How to choose categories

You can also reorder the categories as you see fit, by clicking on the “Set your order of preference” button. For example, you can move “Women’s Health” to the top if you want to see the “Women’s Health” study summaries first.

How to reorder categories

2. Take a look at the settings page

You can choose how the newest research gets presented to you

Show the same summary in multiple categories?

A summary can fall under multiple categories — a trial on the effect of vitamin D on cancer, for instance, will normally appear in both the “Cancer” and “Vitamins & Minerals” categories. But if you don’t want a summary to appear in more than one category, you can indicate that preference; in this case, the summary will only appear in the most relevant category you’ve selected, as determined by our researchers.

Default way to show summaries

You can also choose to see only the headline of each summary, with the summary itself collapsed. This allows you to quickly scan the headlines and uncollapse only the summaries with headlines that have caught your interest. Conversely, some Examine Members like to start with all the summaries uncollapsed, and they collapse them as they read them (or they keep the most interesting uncollapsed, thereby making their own monthly “best of”).

Summaries font size

Of course, you can choose your font size.

Do you wish to receive a monthly email when a new issue comes out?

Decide whether you want to receive an email each time a monthly issue of Study Summaries comes out. By default, you will get this notice, but if you want to keep your inbox cleaner, you can opt out.

Don’t forget to save your setting by clicking on the button at the bottom!

3. Keep an eye out for tags

At the bottom of each summary, we add tags to studies we find particularly important, think would be useful for certain professions, or require a bit of extra attention or caution. If you see a tag below a summary, you can click on it to see all other summaries ever published with the same tag.

Here’s a list of our tags:

  • #DietitiansIs this a study an RD would be interested in? Earn Education Credits!
  • #SportsNutritionIs this a study related to athletic performance?
  • #EditorsPickIs this study especially large, well designed, actionable, or impactful?
  • #FlawedStudyDoes this study have a flaw that is a good teaching point?
  • #LowImpactJournalDoes the journal that published this study have an impact factor (IF)
  • #ConflictOfInterestDid one or more of the authors have some vested interest in reaching a certain result? Was this study funded by the industry?

4. Use the search bar

You can use the search bar to find studies that contain certain terms (e.g., “echinacea” or “blood pressure”) or tags (e.g., #EditorsPick). You can refine your search to only include studies published in a certain issue of Study Summaries or studies that fall under certain categories.

5. Look through the archives

No matter when you become an Examine Member, you get access to all previous issues of Study Summaries. By clicking the “archive” link on the right-hand side of the page, you can access each issue. Alternatively, you can select a health category and see all the related study summaries grouped per month of publication.

6. Download the latest issue as a PDF

The side menu shows a box labeled “Download PDF version”. If you want to have the newest issue of Study Summaries available offline, you can download it as a PDF directly to your device.

7. Use the action bar

At the bottom of every summary is an action bar with three options: you can favorite a summary (favorited summaries can be accessed through the side menu of each issue); you can share the summary on social media; and you can email the summary.

Thank you for reading! Our team works tirelessly to sift through all the latest research related to supplements and nutrition, and to summarize it in a way that is clear and useful to you.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch. We also welcome your feedback: what you liked, what you didn’t like, and how you would like us to improve.