Your free guide to staying healthy (and sane) while stuck indoors

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Learn how you can maintain all facets of your health during these challenging times

Reduce your chances of getting seriously sick

Hygiene, nutrition, exercise, sleep — why do they matter?

Focus on the sanitation practices that really matter

How to best keep your home and self clean, and thereby minimize your chances of getting sick.

Understand the benefits and limits of supplements

Some supplements can support your immune system (but none will make you immune to COVID-19!).

Socialize — while maintaining physical distance

Humans are social animals. It’s important for us to keep socializing while ensuring we don’t get sick

Improve your immune function

A robust immune system is built holistically, with many lifestyle factors playing a part.

Take care of your mental health

How to deal with moodiness, stress, anxiety, or depression — whether your own or someone else’s.

Improve your sleep

Good sleep is crucial to your health, especially when you’re under stress.

Bring some “normal” back in your life

A strong routine helps ground you, decreases stress, and elevates your mental health.

Read our evidence-based guide to staying healthy

We started reviewing coronavirus-related studies in late February. We published the first version of our main COVID-19 page in early March, and since then, over 250,000 people have read our evidence-based, regularly updated information on the disease.

More recently, we merged this information with our extensive knowledge of nutrition research to create a free, down-to-earth, science-based guide that will help you stay healthy (and sane) while you’re physically distancing:

  • Instant access
  • 100+ pages
  • 150+ references

Here are a few of the practical gems you’ll discover:

  • What you need to know to reduce your chances of getting sick
  • Simple lifestyle changes that can improve your immune function
  • The latest evidence on supplements and COVID-19
  • The steps to take to reboot healthy eating habits
  • How to maintain physical fitness while stuck at home
  • Effective strategies to manage depression, stress, anxiety, and information overload
  • Which supplements have evidence for their mood benefits
  • Healthy socializing while sticking to physical distancing
  • Which sanitation practices really matter to protect you from infection
  • How to bring some “normal” back into your life with a simple routine setup

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