Not inherently good or bad, Inflammation is the process recruiting immune cells to tissues in the body for their actions; good for immunity and cell defense, excessive levels can cause joint pain and accelerate signs of aging and disease pathology such as cancer or obesity.

This page features 6 unique references to scientific papers.

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The Human Effect Matrix looks at human studies (excluding animal/petri-dish studies) to tell you what supplements affect Inflammation
Grade Level of Evidence
A Robust research conducted with repeated double blind clinical trials
B Multiple studies where at least two are double-blind and placebo controlled
C Single double blind study or multiple cohort studies
D Uncontrolled or observational studies only
Level of Evidence
Magnitude of Effect Size
Scientific Consensus Comments
A Fish Oil
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B Curcumin
B Ginger
B Serrapeptase
B Coenzyme Q10
B Conjugated Linoleic Acid
B Vitamin C
C Japanese Knotweed
C Alpha-Lipoic Acid
C L-Carnitine
C Melatonin
C Panax ginseng
C Spirulina
C Stinging Nettle
C Benfotiamine
C Glutamine
C Olive leaf extract
C Phosphatidylserine
C Pycnogenol
C Quercetin
C Salvia hispanica
C Sea Buckthorn
C Theaflavins
C Vitamin D
C Whey Protein
D Boron
D Bromelain
D Coffee
D Hibiscus sabdariffa


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