Stress Relief

Stress relief is a category with some cross over with compounds that reduce Anxiety, and with some crossover into Adaptogen compounds. Not necessarily sedatives (some may be), stress relief compounds tend to increase well-being in situations where people are overly stressed or worried.

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Stress relievers are compounds that work to reduce the perception of stress and induce restfulness.

They work by depressive means, although for this category 'depressive' means to minimize excitation and stimulation in the brain, rather than inducing the overt feeling of ennui and lethary known as depression.

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Things To Know

Also Known As

Sleep Aids

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Caution Notice

Many stress relievers are neurally active, and thus could interact with any neurological medication such as anti-depressants or ADHD medications. Medical Disclaimer

Scientific Support & Reference Citations

All scientific support and potency of stress relievers can be found on their respective pages.


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