Practises (according to Examine) are things you can do without needing to purchase anything that may have potent effects on the body. They may affect cognition like Yoga and Meditation, reduce fat like Cold Exposure, or enhance relaxation like Dark Therapy.

This page features 4 unique references to scientific papers.


Various practises have been researched and found to have powerful effects in the body. These practises may have the same end goal as a lot of supplements, and are for the most part free.

Practises, or rituals, can be used as an adjunct to many supplements to enhance the effect you get from said supplements or to cover your bases.

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Editors' Thoughts on Practices

I love the idea of practises because they are free. If one can solve a problem without supplementation, why not?

Plus, some of these things are just as potent as some supplements. A 4-6% increase in energy expenditure seen with cold exposure is something many supplements would love to be able to claim.

Kurtis Frank

Scientific Support & Reference Citations


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