Light Therapy


All Essential Benefits/Effects/Facts & Information

Light therapy is basically exposure to sunlight or bright lights during the day. It has been investigated for treatment of a variety of conditions including skin disorders such as eczema and acne vulgaris; mood and sleep disorders such as seasonal affective disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, and delayed sleep phase syndrome; and has even been used to promote wound healing.

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Things To Know

Also Known As

Light, Sunlight

Do Not Confuse With

Dark Therapy

Things to Note

Light therapy can promote wakefulness, but is not deemed 'stimulatory'

Is a Form Of

Does Not Go Well With

  • Melatonin (Hormone that induces sleep, suppressed by the perception of light)

Caution Notice

Light therapy too close to bedtime can impair the ability to fall asleep. Those taking mood disorder related medications should be cautious when considering Light therapy, as it may induce mania in combination with medication. Those taking photosensitizing drugs should also be cautious when considering Light therapy as well. Medical Disclaimer