Protein Supplement

A powder, usually flavored, that is consumed for the purpose of adding dietary protein to the diet when food is not consumed. Typically seen as a food product or a meal replacement, protein powders come from a variety of sources such as milk, beef, rice, pea, or hemp.

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Protein supplements are typically used in conjunction with a proper diet (or as a band-aid to a subpar diet) to increase dietary protein intake.

Some specific types of protein are made for certain scenarios, such as Casein Protein protein for a slow-release protein and Whey Protein protein for a faster release.

They differ from Amino Acid supplements as protein supplements will be a non-specific assortment of amino acids in large amounts, whereas Amino Acid supplementation is in lower doses, in isolation, and for specific purposes.

Protein powders can be from either animal sources or plant sources, it is generally advised for vegans and vegetarians to consider protein supplementation due to the chance that their diet may be subpar.

Also Known As

Protein powder, dehydrated protein, protein, Protein supplements

Do Not Confuse With

Amino acid supplements

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