Centrophenoxine is to DMAE like Alpha-GPC is to Choline, an option that is better absorbed since the active molecule is bound to an absorption enhancer. Centrophenoxine carries the benefits of DMAE, and may boost Cognition in the elderly.

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Centrophenoxine is a Cholinergic compound with a DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) component, and acts as a better absorbed transporter of DMAE into the brain. It is sold under the brand name Lucidril but can easily be bought over the counter or online.

It is effective in reversing some of the signs of aging (particularly waste product buildup in the brain) when taken for an acute period (high doses for a month) and can act as a general neural enhancer and protector when taken continuously at a lower dose.

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Also Known As

Centro, Lucidril (Brand Name)

Things to Note

Centrophenoxine, via increasing acetylcholine levels, is stimulatory.

Is a Form of

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Caution Notice

Centrophenoxine, via its DMAE subset, may also exert teratogenic (birth-defects) effects. Due to this Centrophenoxine should not be used by females of child-bearing age.

Examine.com Medical Disclaimer

For therapeutic usage in reducing lipofuscin (for the aged) 3-6 doses of 250mg centrophenoxine is generally touted.

For younger individuals seeking neurological enhancement and neuronal protection, 1-3 doses of 250mg suffices.

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Centrophenoxine looks promising for a 1-time cognition boost. Unlike many supplements, one 'cycle' of Centrophenoxine could yield benefits for much longer than just the time ingested. Unlike other compounds where one would need to take it everyday for life, one can take a bottle of Centrophenoxine and reap benefits for a long time.

A good consideration for those wary of supplementation and the commitment it entails.

Kurtis Frank

Table of Contents:

Edit1. Effects in the Brain

Centrophenoxine is able to reverse lipofuscin/beta-amyloid pigmentation build-up as well as act as an anti-oxidant against lipid peroxidation.[1] Centrophenoxine can also increase RNA synthesis, protein synthesis, and glucose uptake in neurons and glial (support) cells. These latter effects are, however, dependent on the reductions of lipofuscin build-up[2] and don't appear to affect youth with no lipofuscin build-up.[3]

Edit2. Dementia

Centrophenoxine has been shown to be efficacious in treating dementia by increasing intracellular water content (of which dehydration is consistent with aging) and by increasing skills on cognition testing after 8 weeks of a 2g dose.[4]

Edit3. Teratogenicity

Centrophenoxine, via its DMAE moiety, may act as a teratogen in the same manner as DMAE which can be reviewed under DMAE's Teratogenic Summary


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