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A list of compounds that can 'burn fat'. By 'burn fat' we are referring to anything that may increase the metabolic rate or otherwise increase thermogenesis, as compounds that prevent nutrient uptake or suppress appetite can lead to weight and fat loss but are not inherently fat burners.

Dosage: 25mg

A dose of 25mg ephedrine, taken three times a day (75mg total) and paired with Caffeine at 200mg each time is known as the EC stack, and is a fairly potent fat burning stimulant.

Gradually work up to this 3x a day dosage. These are stimulants, and it is very possible to use too much too fast and get some heart palpitations and erratic thoughts.

If buying ephedrine over the counter as Bronkaid or another nasal decongestant, 3 8mg tablets would be 24mg total and acceptable.

Dosage: 200mg

Is commonly used in conjunction with Ephedrine in the form of an EC stack.

Can exert fat burning properties on its own, but it may only last for a week or so. Caffeine tolerance signals the end of where caffeine is an effective fat burner, and with tolerance comes a great reduction in how much it spikes the metabolic rate.

A short-term usage fat burner, for people who do not commonly consume caffeine.

Dosage: 500mg

500mg is approximately the dose of either Green Tea Catechins (a mixture of the catechins) or EGCG, the main catechin in isolation. The differences between them for fat burning potency are not too significant.

Green tea, as a fat burning supplement, may only be effective in people who are not accustomed to caffeine intake (despite that, it works synergistically with caffeine over the short term). If you habitually use caffeine, seek out another fat burner.

Can brew green tea yourself, by the way.

Dosage: 20mg

Similar in mechanisms to Ephedrine, just less potent. Commonly referred to as Citris Aurantium, which is the fruit that synephrine (also known as p-synephrine) is usually derived from. The dosing is also similar, a thrice daily dose (20mg usually, sometimes a bit more) taken with Caffeine.

Much of the science and facts of Ephedrine extend to Synephrine, except both efficacy and side-effects are reduced due to lesser potency.

Dosage: 5mg

A dose somewhere in the range of 2.4-8mg fucoxanthin daily with a meal has been shown to cause fat loss and increase fat burning before. 5mg was suggested as it is a middle ground, but not enough evidence exists to suggest the best dose.

A non-stimulatory fat burner, and one that works via increasing heat produced. Oddly, one that does not work upon the first dose and requires a constant intake upwards of 5 weeks to exert its effects; this is due to building up stores of fucoxanthin in body fat (appears to be non-toxic).

Healthy and potent are its pros, its cons include the faith needed to be put into it and remembering to take it daily with meals.

Dosage: 50-200mg

Especially in older men but in all ages and both sexes, DHEA appears to be somewhere between moderately and significantly effective in reducing fat mass. Studies on the matter do tend to flip back and forth, however; it may not be a reliable fat burner if prescribed to a large group of people.

Dosage is a range. Females should aim for the lower end (25-100mg) and men to a middle ground (50-200mg)

Dosage: 0.2mg per kilogram of body weight

0.2mg/kg being one of the highest doses used, and a lower dose if combining with other supplements. This dose refers to yohimbine, the alkaloid extracted from the plant yohimbe.

True fat burning effects may only persist for a week or two as yohimbine may be subject to desensitization (the increased of noradrenaline being attenuated over time), and thereafter yohimbine may merely be able to augment the fat burning effects of other compounds.

Yohimbine may have a higher level of potential side-effects than other supplements, particularly for anxiety.

Dosage: 4mg

4mg gum or potentially a low-moderate patch (15-21mg) appear to have lipolytic effects, and may increase fat burning and energy expenditure through releasing catecholamines.

Cigarettes are not advised due to the harms outweighing the benefits.

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