List of Potential FAQ

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How does fasting the day after a workout affect muscle recovery? Do the muscles "wait" all day for more protein?226Please Register
Are probiotics worth the while?216--
Is it possible to concurrently lose fat and gain muscle?196--
Are grains and legumes as bad for you as paleo advocates claim?188--
What are the benefits of fasting?156--
Is sodium bad for you?113--
For non-Celiacs, is there any benefit to avoiding gluten?112--
How important is the macro composition, especially carbs, of your daily dietary intake when it comes to muscle building?111--
Does fasting decrease one's ability to think, learn, or concentrate in any way?98--
What is the best way to find out if you are deficient in a vitamin or mineral?96--
Does it matter when I take my protein supplement, in relation to when I workout (pre/postworkout, etc).86--
Are carbs immediately post-workout beneficial or detrimental to body composition?78--
Is marijuana use net bad or good for an otherwise normally healthy individual?76--
Does a weekly "cheat day" on calories really increase metabolism?75--
How much water should I drink a day? Does any liquid work?74--
Is eating tuna dangerous because of mercury?63--
Is it better for muscle growth to rest an area that has DOMS (light, medium, severe) and skip that day's workout or better to work out through the DOMS?63--
Are there any nootropics worth taking for a healthy person?53--
(1) How can I prevent stretch marks? (2) How can I lighten existing stretch marks?51--
Is Keto magic?49--
What is your take on Garlic supplements?45--
Should I take aspirin every day?41--
Is raw milk better than pasteurized milk?40--
Is sitting unhealthy?36--
What are the benefits of regularly performing cunnilingus?35--
Is it better to take Green Tea Catechins than to drink Green Tea?34--
Does metabolism slow with age?33--
Does eating breakfast affect concentration levels (wither at work or school)?31--
Is there an optimum omega 3:6 ratio?30--
Nutritionally, is there any benefit to fresh fruit and vegetables over the tinned or frozen varieties?30--
Should I consume protein after exercise/workout for recovery?29--
Should I eat immediately after working out?29--
Does it help to take Vitamins K2 and D3 together?28--
How can I tell if I'm deficient in a certain nutrients (e.g. Vitamin D)?27--
What are the differences between choline citrate, choline bitarate, and alpha-GPC.26--
If you don't need protein every two hours, what does your body do when it "runs out" of the protein you've eaten?26--
Should I cycle melatonin?26--
Does drinking more water help you lose weight?26--
What supplements should not be taken fasted?24--
Is drinking apple cider vinegar (ACV) healthy, or does it aid in weight loss?22--
Are there any practices known to help tighten skin after massive weight loss?20--
Large meals are bad for health?19--
How Much extra Water Should You Drink While Using Creatine?18--
Does fluoride have any side effects18--
I am a novice weightlifter 10 weeks into the starting strength program by mark rippetoe. Can you recommend a daily list of supplements I should be taking?17--
Do dietary collagen supplements improve skin health?17--
What is the science behind the "acid-alkaline" theory for health?16--
Since Glucosamine positive results seem to be mostly placebo effect, are there other supplements recommended for joint pain?16--
B vitamin complexes/supplements. Are they good for anything?16--
What's the deal with GMOs? Are they dangerous?16--
Does microwaving kill nutrients in food?15--
When looking for fat loss, how many daily calories is too few for overall health safety?15--
Why don't you list Vitamin B-12 on your supplements page?15--
An article about the nutritional impact of heating. I'm most interested in your thoughts about microwaving.14--
Does Intermittent Fasting Help Prevent Cancer?14--
Is there any evidence that casein causes cancer? Some vegans claim it does (see China Study).13--
What is the full spectrum of nutrients for optimum mental health? Any food, supplement or medicine that provide this?13--
Since weight loss is calories in vs calories out, will I lose the same weight eating high glycemic carbs than low glycemic carbs?13--
People say eat caveman. WHY? Because our genes have changed only 0.02% since those days - any truth?13--
Does alcohol affect muscle gain?13--
Can I do anything to get rid of cellulite?13--
Why is there no probiotics section?12--
What is the best macro-nutrient ratio and calorie requirements to build muscle and cut fat?12--
Is there any real benefit to consuming casein protein (e.g, Cottage Cheese) before going to bed?12--
Why is there no mention of iodine?12--
Does higher salt consumption really increase one's risk of encountering heart problems.12--
Can testosterone cure depression?12--
What are the health benefits of antioxidants and what are they in?11--
Does smoking inhibit muscular gains?11--
Would you consider writing an article on phenibut? Why or why not?11--
Is cooking with extra virgin olive oil bad for your health?11--
Does smoking marijuana make you lazy?11--
Does fasting without the use of supplements like caffeine cause a lack of energy?10--
Are there any supplements that increase a woman's tits?10--
is a carb a carb? does the glycemic index matter?10--
How do I know if my fish oil has spoiled?10--
Does lifting weights at a young age stunt growth?10--
Is a post-workout shake (simple carbs + creatine + protein) really necessary? (for a regular joe weightlifter, not a professional athlete)10--
Could you guys put something together on Albuterol? Specifically for fat loss/anti catabolic effects.9--
Does fasting negatively impact thyroid function?9--
Does a vegetable-only diet supply an active person with enough required nutrients?9--
is Bacopa Monnieri safe?9--
What supplements are beneficial for allergies?9--
Page on chromium plz9--
Please share your considered opinion of the ciltep 'memory-enhancing' stack.9--
Is it very important to take different Amino Acids separately (and on an empty stomach?) to enhance absorption?9--
Does fasting have any benefits?9--
Supplements and food for the male orgasm (amount and intensity).8--
I'd like to request an entry on theobromine. It's widely consumed in the general population through chocolate, so it would be nice to know about its effects, especially as a compare/contrast to caffeine.8--
What is the most effective supplement to combat an internal yeast infection? Oregano oil?8--
What do I take if I have the common cold or flu symptoms?8--
Does Weekly Celibacy increase T Levels and improve body/mental performance?8--
Ginger vs Curcumin? Which one would benefit me more as a joint supplement and something for memory?8--
Which carbs are more beneficial pre and post-workout - simple/high GI or complex/low GI?8--
Why isn't dessicated liver a common supplement anymore?8--
What is the optimum amount of sugar to eat daily? Can I eat more if it's from fruit instead of candy?8--
How is your recommendation on L-Carnitine going to change after the recent submission of this paper showing it promotes atherosclerosis?
Are the health claims about wheat grass true? Breast cancer survivors will drink wheat grass instead of going through chemo, but is it really any different than eating a bunch of cruciferous vegetables?8--
You mentioned that fish oil does not go well with CLA. Could you prove this, please?8--
If I have a headache before my workout, how will taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen affect me?8--
How bad is going to a tanning bed?8--
Do we should try to contrast DOMS with food and supplements?, or just let the body rests until they are metabolized naturally?8--
Caffeine increases cortisol. Is this bad and will exercise help?8--
Can protein turn in to fat if too much is consumed?7--
Does caffeine withdrawal cause serotonin depletion/depression?7--
Any info on amount of chocomine in raw beans vs chocolate?7--
Is sodium actually bad?7--
Can diet alone cure or improve pre-existing mental health disorders?7--
Could you create a topic about Gluten? Reviewing the last studies about it, gluten-free diet for non-celiac patients, the effects (benefits or not)?7--
Does creatine cause water retention in the face? Does this cause bloating/puffy face?7--
Can everyone get below 10% bodyfat (even if they spend the majority of their formative years overweight / obese)?7--
What is the Glycemic Index?7--
Do you plan to soon add L-Phenylalanine and DL-Phenylalanine to your list of examined suplements? Especially DLPA has many anecdotal reports claiming interesing, pain reducing effects.7--
Why is there no date in the List of Potential FAQ so I can see recent ones to vote for?7--
Can protein turn in to fat if too much is consumed?6--
Have the benefits of greeen drinks (grasses) been studied??6--
Does caffeine, and by extension, tea and coffee, increase nutrient elimination?6--
Are there any supplements to reduce hair greying?6--
What are the best supplements to take to shorten the duration of colds/flu?6--
What type of food will help increase sperm count?6--
Is there any reason to take uridine if one is already taking CDP-choline? As CDP-choline converts to uridine in the body.6--
Are milk and dairy products bad for me?6--
Is there a difference between eating "trans fats" and other saturated fats in terms of health risks or fat loss?6--
What is the optimal dosage spacing for Aniracetam?6--
If Ejaculation causes increase in prolactin can frequent masterbation and sex cause man-boobs?6--
Are GMOs bad for our health?6--
L-carnitine increases IGF-1. Does this cause cancer's and aging?6--
Can eating celery boost androsterone?6--
How much weight gain is really "necessary" during an average pregnancy?6--
Is there any supplemental value to taking activated charcoal? (e.g., Nature's Way Activated Charcoal) Especially in the context of reducing protein farts6--
Does creatine effect other muscles, like vocal muscles, eyes etc?6--
Are grains bad for you?6--
Are supplements that reduce inflammation bad for injury healing? Do they reduce the risk of injury in the first place?6--
Which method is statistically more successful for smoking cessation without drugs, cold turkey or tapering?6--
Is sodium bad for you?6--
How effective is regular exercise compared to antidepressants for relieving depression?6--
Do purple and blue fruits and vegetables have greater anti-oxidant potential than the others?6--
How should macros vary based on body type?5--
Is liquid Lactobacillus acidophilus actually good for you? Are there quantifiable benefits?5--
Bought your supplements guide - doesn't cover pine pollen. Will you write about it?5--
What are the benefits of collagen? Recommended amount?5--
Is there a link between gluten intolarance and polycystic ovarian syndrome ?5--
How effective and safe is Beta-Alanine, especially when combined with Creatine?5--
How can marijuana be good for mental health when it acutely elevates cortisol?5--
Is there any difference between types or brands of Fish Oils? I have been paying more for Nordic Naturals' Ultimate Omega formula, is it better than walmart's cheap stuff? than Vitamin Shoppe's cheap stuff?5--
does milk and other dairy products contain estrogen? what about skim milk?5--
Is gluten bad for everyone?5--
Do you need to double your protein/bcaa intake on non fasting day's for a IF diet?5--
Do adaptations gained from supplementation persist after supplementation ceases?5--
Are there any supplements that help against acne?5--
Does creatine need to be taken with food?5--
What are the negative effects (if any) to eating before going to sleep?5--
What are the effects of amphetamines on fat mass and lean mass in training individuals?5--
Is it true that nicotine is more addictive than heroin?4--
What is more effective at increasing Glutathione levels? Whey or NAC?4--
Would you be able to compile an article on the substance Picamilon?4--
what are the most common micronutrient deficiencies?4--
Can I mix creatine monohydrate in black iced coffee?4--
Does the sodium/potassium balance matter when losing body fat?4--
Is it safe to drink alcohol with on EC?4--
Can testosterone cure depression?4--
Does fats (all 3 types) increase testosterone production? If yes, does eating more fats equal more testosterone, or is there a point where it becomes unnoticable?4--
What are the benefits and downside of drinking wine?4--
Do women have more trouble losing weight and maintaining weight loss as compared to men?4--
Is it safe for pregnant women to lift weights?4--
Does caffeine bind to estrogen and lead to less bioavailable hormone?4--
Will a regular Pine bark extract with standardised OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) by as good and effective as Pycnogenol which is Pine bark from the French maritime pine tree (Pinus maritima)? The cost differential between the 2 items is large4--
Does consumption of wheat make you age faster?4--
What are the benefits of ingesting gelatin?4--
Does biotin help with hair growth/quality? Women spend ridiculous amounts in a range that goes from 1000mcg to 10000mcg.4--
what's the latest on choosing a probiotic supplement or a particular fermented food?4--
Please add a page on organic sulfur (99.9% MethylSulphonylMethane). It's really a food. Does it really block all the chemtrails and nonoparticles that they are putting in our air?4--
Can Bacopa make Parkinson worse?4--
Is cupping useful for treating anything? <- The wiki page has little to say about effectiveness4--
Have the benefits of green drinks (grasses) been studied?4--
Does drinking milk cause calcium loss?4--
What is the anabolic window post workout?4--
what does sniffing ammonia before a big lift/throw do?4--
Is MCT oil good for you?4--
Can I take EGCG (green tea extract) with Yohimbine?4--
Is fasting a cognitive enhancer. especially in younger people?4--
Are grains truly necessary for a balanced diet?4--
can you tell me about gymnema sylvestre?4--
Does being 'Fat Adapted' confer any health or exercise benefits?4--
Can protein turn in to fat if too much is consumed?4--
Fasted walks in mornings help burn body fat?4--
Is it wise to limit fructose (i.e. fruit) in order to lose body fat?3--
Does a vegetarian diet negatively affect hormones?3--
If I cook my own food and don't use iodized salt, how can I be sure I get enough iodine?3--
Are raw honey, maple syrup, agave, and other raw sugars significantly healthier than table sugar of HFCS?3--
Do you need 100% RDA of vitamins in your diet? What percentage prevents a deficiency?3--
Is the aluminum in antiperspirants dangerous?3--
What does the research say of the alkaline diet/supplement trend?3--
is ephedrine dangerous3--
Is eating grass fed/organic meat significantly more healthy than eating conventional meat (those treated with hormones and fed grain)?3--
What effect dose ionized water have on homeostasis? ?3--
Why is there no research on lycopene?3--
Hello, in what Ratio i should mix Curcumin with Black Pepper to enhance the absorbation?3--
Will drinking alcohol while fasting make you very drunk?3--
Does being underweight affect testosterone?3--
Are grains truly necessary for a balanced diet?3--
Do fats cause heart disease?3--
Do carbs eaten before bed get stored as fat?3--
Best supplementation for broken leg? (Tibia and fibula)3--
What are the effects of drinking alcohol while supplementing creatine?3--
What are the benefits of ingesting Ribose?3--
refer a friend3--
How can I naturally increase Growth Hormone and how would it affect my training/physique?3--
Is there any "magic" to intermittent fasting? i.e. get out something more for free. Eg 1800 cals I.F. will produce better weight loss muscle growth results than 1800 cals eaten 5 meals per day3--
What is the best cholinergic and racetam combination?3--
if rhodiola rosea is a mao-a and a mao-b inhibitor as i have read on many web sites is there also the risk of tyramine build up in the blood from eating foods containing trosine as it reads for prescription meds that inhibit mao's3--
What food-supplements slow cognitive decline in the elderly?3--
Is aspartame really the "slow poison" many claim it to be?3--
Is aspirin measurably beneficial in the ECA stack?3--
What is intermittent fasting and how does it effect health?3--
Can you replace the Ephedrine in an ECA stack with Pseudoephedrine?3--
Is there any downside (besides uncertainty of quantity) of getting the caffeine in the EC stack from coffee and tea?3--
Chronic caffeine reduces adrenaline. Is this bad, especially for exercise motivation/performance?3--
As reported in Campbell's "The China Study", does casein protein cause cancer?3--
Does caffeine cause excessive water loss?3--
Is dhea safe for long term usage. Is it needed to be cycled?3--
How much extra water should you drink with creatine?3--
Please add a page for nicotine. Kurtis said it could make a good pre workout.3--
what is the story on hydrogen peroxide therpy? C urrently I have been using a 35% food grade from gaurdian of eden ,it is supposed to increse oxygen in your blood, any response would be great.3--
For someone that is in the 10-12% bodyfat range and trying to get to >9% bodyfat, what percentage should their maintenance calories be reduced by?3--
Do you have any advice about supplements contrasting DOMS post workout?3--
Do the phytoestrogens in coffee affect the androgens/estrogen?3--
Are any supplements proven to balance cortisol/lower elevated cortisol?3--
Does hot sauce increase metabolism?3--
Are there supplements that improve digestion?2--
Could Milk negatively affect health?2--
Does green tea carb malabsorption increase the more cups you drink?2--
Does chromium help insulin sensitivity2--
Regarding potential health benefits, Is there a difference between canola oil found in the USA and Australia?2--
Should you take a multivitamin on fasting days?2--
Whats the best way to take your supplements( vitamins, minerals, protein creatine, fat burners etc... (does timing matter , are there any supplements that shouldn't be combined )2--
What are Medium Chain Triglycerides? Why do people eat coconut oil?2--
Does green tea inhibiting lactase cause lactose intolerance?2--
Are you guys going to review calcium bentonite clay? May people take it as a supplement and some even put it on their skin. I'd like to know if it works. Thanks.2--
Can I get the metabolic advantages of doing full-body resistance training by doing hard intervals of a full-body aerobic sport (e.g., swimming, xc skiing)?2--
I've already purchased the supplement-health goals when you released it. Are the stack guides different? If so, am I buying a lifetime license to them in that if they're updated I get them for free or just as is?2--
Skim Milk vs Full Cream Milk, what are the costs/benefits for both?2--
What Can I do to feel more energized throughout the day?2--
What are the types of protein? How are they important for bodybuilding?2--
how to reduce cellulite.2--
what is good appetite suppressant2--
Octopamine has recently shown up in some pre-workout products. What are octopamine physiological effects and is there any supporting research?2--
what is new on stem cell nutrition?2--
At 49 years old it has been suggested I take Kre-Alkayne Creatine rather than mono Creatine. Which is the best Creatine to take for muscle growth and why?f2--
Does eating carbs and fat together promote body fat storage?2--
How do oral contraceptives affect testosterone levels in women?2--
When it comes to different protein supplement "quality" (i.e. Whey) is the extra price worth it or are you just paying for an easier to digest form?2--
Page on nutritional yeast please...2--
Caffeine reduces adrenaline. Is this bad, especially for exercise?2--
Is bacopa moneri phytoremediation, meaning is it high in heavy metals?2--
Have you guys ever looked into Deer Velvet? Specifically for cartilage or bone repair2--
Are there any studies of Glutathione helping with Parkinsons?2--
Can you review supplement called Guar Gum?2--
What is the effect of cayenne pepper?2--
How to minimize fat gain when bulking?2--
Creatine dosage. It is often recommended to start with "high" doses of Creatine during the first few days and then use a maintenance dos2--
what is the best product on the market to strip fat and boost muscle growth?2--
Where can I download the updates for the Supplement-Goals Reference that I purchased?2--
how big of a calorie surplus do you need to optimally build muscle?2--
What are the health affects of a ketogenic diet?2--
How about making a page for HCG?2--
Is the paleo diet valid?2--
What are the documented health effects of supplementing cod liver oil and fermented cod liver oil?2--
is it more beneficial to train on an empty stomach?2--
What are the benefits/harms associated with taking Silica as a vitamin?2--
is metformin a wonder drug2--
Does Carb back loading at night work when trying to gain mass while not putting on fat?2--
How does the glycemic index effect weight loss?2--
Does the Glycemic Index of carbohydrates matters?2--
Are artificial sweeteners better or worse than traditional sugar?2--
Is taking a periodic 'stimulant break' necessary to avoid building up stimulant tolerance and is it scientific? Also, is 'adrenal fatigue' a real thing?2--
With reference to nootropics....if you were to pick the top 5 legal (non prescription) nootropics based on efficacy which 5 would you choose?2--
Smoking effect on muscle gains2--
Should I cycle vitamin D2--
How does EMF affect human metabolism and epigenetic expression?2--
Is there anything I can take to help with my keratosis pilaris?2--
Are cleansing products aimed at detoxing worth their weight in gold?2--
What are the benefits/risks associated with the various forms of glutathione supplementation?2--
What supplements affect eye health?2--
Are blood specific diets effective and a healthy way to eat.2--
is Beta-Glucans supplement effective ?2--
I take a Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin D supplement. Is there anything I have to be concerned about in terms of interaction of the 4?2--
are there any safe Human growth hormone supplements?2--
As a vegan, if I am taking spirulina, do I also need to take algal DHA?2--
What is Noopept and is it safe?2--
Is alkaline water healthier than water with a neutral or love pH?2--
What are the benefits of drinking Camel Milk?2--
L-carnitine increases IGF-1. Does this cause cancer's and aging?2--
Is a vegetarian lifestyle actually healthier than an omnivorous lifestyle?2--
Does the use of Raspbery Ketones interact with Breast Cancer?2--
Is fast food such a bad source for calories as they say?2--
What is sensible intake of water?2--
Anabolic windows really exists?2--
What supplements may help people suffering from Dysautonomia?2--
Can a plant-based (vegan) diet help me stay lean and improve my health?2--
Can asparagus act as a diuretic?2--
Skim milk is better in terms of cardiovascular point of view compared with whole milk?2--
What research is there on the benefits of supplementing with bovine colostrum?2--
What is picamilion/pikatropin/pycamilon?2--
What's your take on supplementing with oxygen through the use of a hyperbaric chamber?2--
Could green tea carb malabsorption affect exercise performance?2--
Is it possible to be a non responder or minimal responder to caffeine and ephedrine despite no past history of stimulant usage?2--
Is CLA a good suppliment to take when working out?2--
Does whey protein powder contain excitotoxins and if so is undenatured whey protein powder safer?2--
Is there any particular benefit to supplementing evening primrose oil re: balancing female hormones? Are there any advantages to evening primrose oil vs fish oil?2--
What are the safety risks of mercury, amalgam, fillings?2--
Could long-term use of caffeine (via pre-workouts or energy drinks) be linked to heart conditions such as pericarditis?2--
Fish oil / ephedrine interactions - Would you say that due to fish oil serving to decrease noradrenaline levels it could counteract the effects of Ephedrine?2--
Does ketosis have any health or cognitive effects?2--
DHEA can produce both testosterone and, via aromatase, estrogen. under aromatase inhibitor you list only a DHEA metabolite. Should you take the metabolite as well as DHEA or instead of it?2--
Can you add the Ayurvedic supplement Amla to your list? I can't say the body of research is substantial, but I have seen a few studies published with very intrigueing results. Thanks, love the site.2--
Is dissolved creatine more bioavailable?2--
do i need a multivitamin .?2--
Does the timing of meals matter? Specifically late night meals.2--
How does cannabis affect muscle growth, protein synthesis, and overall exercise progress?2--
how can seniior overweight male keep topical testosterone from turning to estrogen2--
Is there a benefit in eating organic/grass fed ?2--
Thoughts about this:
Why isn't Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) on here?2--
Doses of Vitamin D3 above 15 000 IU/week increases the chances of developing cancer?2--
How much water should i drink for a diet, does it actually aid me in losing weight?2--
Can you guys look at more GDA type agents like bitter melon, gymnema sylvestre, 4-OH extracts, etc?2--
Any information on the fatburner Dexaprine? Seems to be the new fad around here.2--
Is there a benefit in drinking diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide?2--
What is Chelation? Does it make a difference to take a Magnesium supplement that is Chelated?2--
What is the difference between the Reference Guide, and the information currently available for free?2--
Are there any supplements that have shown to decrease seizures in people with epilepsy?2--
Is metabolic damage a real thing?2--
Could you please make an entry on Nigella sativa aka Black Seed?2--
how is best to take antioxidants (before sleep, with meals or other supplements)?2--
Is there really any benefits in taking Himalaya LiverCare Liv.52?2--
Is there a difference in muscle protein synthesis for someone who eats protein in one meal versus eating throughout the day?2--
Ideal carb percentage/grams for endurance athlete who wants to build muscle as well?2--
Hey guys, noticed you havent done Bee Pollen yet. Looks very promising, a few horse studies but unfortunatley no good quality double blind placebo controlled human studies I can find.2--
Do you need to double your protein/bcaa intake on non fasting day's for a IF diet?2--
Hello, I may have overlooked an FAQ, but how does one submit a study to, and (in-summary) what is the process a submission goes through before it is accepted by your team? Much appreciated, thank you.2--
What causes sweaty palms?2--
What's the best way to deal with sweaty palms?2--
How bad are the trans fats compared to the others fats?2--
Are there any benefits to massage in terms of sport pain reduction?2--
It seems like L-Lysine is being promoted as an immune system booster. Additionally it looks like it might be beneficial in those subjects with a history of herpes. Is this true? Thanks!2--
Does the fat that is lost while taking Ephedrine come back or are the effects reversed after cessation of product?2--
Would Ashwagandha be a good substitute for Amytriptyline for treatment of Fibromyalgia?2--
I drink a whey isolate protein shake(1/2scoop around 15gProtein), right before bed, mixed with about 5g of BCAA. Is this a good idea?2--
caffeine increases various neurotransmitters. Is this a good thing?2--
Does caffeine withdrawal make it hard to get out of bed in the morning?2--
where is the info on Vitamin A - glaring hole in your info2--
Does "adrenal fatigue" even exist? If so, how does it happen and what does it affect?2--
What should I take for a cold and conjestion?2--
Does protein help your hair grow or help it grow healthier?2--
Does caffeine cause anxiety in caffeine tolerant individuals?2--
how long is choline available in liquid lecithin? what's the shelf life?2--
Do any vitamins or minerals have any benefits if you don't have a deficiency?2--
How does ibuprofen effect the body post-workout?2--
Caffeine increases cortisol? Does this cause irritability or anger?2--
Which type of fat is best cosumed with fat soluble vitamin absorbtion?2--
I am gluten intolerant, what should I focus on?2--
Should children supplement?2--
how can i eliminate the impossible cellulite from my butt and thighs. I weight train, eat 100% whole foods, supplement with vitamins etc... I believe it is genetic but I KNOW there is a way!1--
I am usiing a product called superfood sold by Dr.Dennis Black and he claims wonders on his product. I was wondering if someone had more information or knows added benefits to type of supplements1--
Is Vitamin A really as bad as it is said to be, e.g. not being excreted, liver damage, too much liver consumption has adverse effects?1--
Is it safe to use ephedrine in order to induce fat burning and weight loss in healthy subjects?1--
What are the known side of effects of ursolic acid?1--
With the HCG fad diet, I'm wondering how useful is the "HCG" supplement?1--
Do I need to completely avoid Brominated Vegetable Oil?1--
I just read your article on changing to a high carb (balanced) diet. Can I use the article on my website and do link to your site? under construction1--
Berberine - I have seen quite a few posters on various sites claim that it's carcinogenic in a dose dependent fashion. What does examine have to say about this?1--
Why not add a page about Adderall/Vyvanse?1--
What is the role of oxidation of fish oil in the efficacy of fish oil supllementation?1--
The reishi spores I have been taking do not have a bitter taste. What would be the reason there is not a bitter taste?1--
Does taking Adderall on weekends negate the pre-workout effect of my ECA stack or the jolt from cafffeine? How can I avoid this?1--
is it better and cheaper to simply take leucine instead of HMB for musle support; as leucine converts to HMB in the body1--
Is oraly taken 130mg Broun millet pulver dayly prudent?1--
Could Ashwagandha help give CFS individuals energy?1--
Any different in the metabolism between Citrulline and Arginine1--
Does running cause more systemic inflammation and/or health risk than weight lifting?1--
Will there be any hormonal problems with Slimtone 500mg capsules twice a day?1--
can you unclog your arteries ??1--
Could Ashwagandha help give CFS individuals energy?1--
Hi, do you have any info linking the oral use of hyaluronic acid to cancer formation? Thanks in advance1--
Are there any stretches that'll help make you taller?1--
Is it safe to use ephedrine in order to induce fat burning and weight loss in healthy subjects?1--
Does bio-gro work?1--
Is the scare about vegetable oils worth paying attention to?1--
Does weightlifting stunt one's height?1--
with bacopa monieri if you stop taking it do any synaptic gains go away?1--
Does ISatori Bio-Grow work to help build lean muscle when as it claims in there ad campaign1--
Is there any info on how GMO foods relate to health when compared to non GMO foods?1--
Is animal protein and animal fat bad for you (does it kill you, basically). Refer: The China Study.1--
Could Ashwagandha help give CFS individuals energy?1--
I am a patient of Dr. David Perlmutter, Neurologist. He recently wrote a best-selling book, "Grain Brain." This book calls for an extremely high fat/high protein diet. Wondering what you think of all this ???1--
what's a good suplement for energy1--
supplement guide1--
What is the net effect of vasoconstriction/vasodilation when combining caffeine with Arginine and other vasodilators as you see in many pre-workouts?1--
Can daily protein intake amounts be specified down to amino acids?1--
Best supplements for scarring?1--
can somebody with secondary liver cancer use moringa1--
Is there a problem with taking high doses of B vitamins daily?1--
Is carrageenan harmful?1--
hypertension best minerals/supplements1--
wondering if there is any research coming on interaction of glucosamine and collagen for joint health.1--
If im already losing 2lb a week, would a fat burning supplement such as Forskolin be of any benefit to me?1--
Could you review the herbal supplement Triphala?1--
Por que as proteínas zero carboidratos são indicadas no pós treino se precisamos de carboidratos para a absorção?1--
Does the biological value of a protein source matter?1--
what's a good suplement for energy1--
Are greens (vegetable) supplements helpful/beneficial?1--
Do antioxidants reduce muscle growth?1--
Is a certain level of fat necessary in milk for the body to absorb the calcium?1--
What foods should you eat to cure your flu/fever/cold etc. faster?1--
Are the Nitrates in commercial Bacon dangerous?1--
Are there any dangerous side effects taking Hyaluronic acid via oral supplementation?1--
how long would it take to increase bone density in a 37yr old male with lowered bone density due to mal absortion of vitamins/minerals due to coeliac disease?1--
Is milk good or bad for the diet?1--
is quorn safe and healthy to eat? main ingredient is usually mycoprotein1--
Report on Tongkat Ali1--
Is there really a link between insulin sensitivity and cortisol levels and how the body distributes fat?1--
Is it true that most weight loss attempts fail in the long run?1--
What is a daily intake for vitamins1--
Hello dose chromium picolinate work with garcinia cambogia1--
best supplements for hypertenstion1--
best supplements for hypertenstion1--
What is a daily intake for vitamins1--
What is daily vitamin intake1--
Can I take a low dose (1mg) of melatonin every night? I'm 29 and dont have issues sleeping, but want to take to improve my sleep quality and get the added benefits of melatonin. I also am strength training 4x per week.1--
I haven't seen any direct studies, but searching through google scholar brings up some articles that suggest that chrysin would be better absorbed with piperine, similar to curcumin. Any thoughts on this?1--
How does the decline in free testosterone with age in "normal populations" compare to the decline for those who lift and/or live an active lifestyle?1--
Many of the supplements need to be taken with a fatty transport or a meal. If these supplements are taken with fish oil( say 1000mg), would that satisfy the need for a fatty transport...or even a meal?1--
Is taking Whey Protein okay at night?1--
Someone I know was recently diagnoses Type 2 Diabetes. He is not overweight and exercises consistently (easy paced running). What are your recommendations to get his blood levels within normal limits?1--
has anyone else has swollen fingers since taking lion's mane?1--
l have calcification tendonitis on shoulders in some movements l feel pain.Are there any suplements that break calcification1--
Is carrageenan harmful?1--
why do beneficial effects of supplements often diminish after first course?1--
What are your thoughts on 11-oxo, is there any research suggesting that it can aid in increasing testosterone levels? Thanks!1--
is Life Extensions vitamin k complex too much vitamin k?1--
What about supplements and autoimmunity ?1--
how much protein can we absorb in one sitting/hour before its wasted?1--
I have read mixed reviews on "Bulletproof Coffee" and is claimed to improve mental performance. Is it valid?1--
vegan raw dite is healty or not?1--
Can you identify the ingredients in this supplement devour nubreed-
Do you need to take holidays from adaptogens to preserve their effectiveness? If so, how long and how often?1--
Would Pycnogenol have any effect on hair, either good or bad?1--
Thanks for the kombucha articles. How about Kefir water? Any dangers with home brewing it?1--
What supplements would help someone with MAC lung disease (non smoker)1--
Dental Caries. Amylase inhibitors, Remineralizers and other methods to avoid Dentist?1--
Anxiolytic nootropic stack.1--
Would an anxiolytic nootropic stack be something to pursue if one experiences mild to moderate anxiety? Possible stack: Bacopa Monnieri@500-750 mg, Rhodiola Rosea@300 mg, L-Theanine@200 mg, PanaxGinseng@200 mg, Ashwagandha@300 mg1--
Does caffeine i.e. Coffee interact/affect the efficacy of supplements (multivitamins or fish oil)?1--
taking steroids can put the adrenal system out of action because it replaces them. Does taking DHEA replace normal production of hormones in a similar way?1--
you say that chrysin ought to be a good aromatse inhibitor but does not work in practice. would it work with black pepper (bioperine) or suma?1--
Is Oxaloacetate really as neuroprotective as Dave Asprey proclaims it is? Or is it all just hype?1--
What are, according to current research, the best supplement to take to promote peripheral nerve regrowth/repair?1--
Between Glutamine and BCAA, what is the benefit of taking 1 over the other, or in what situation would you take 1 and not the other? If I swim ~3 miles a day, and lift every day, would I benefit from taking one after my swim / other after weights?1--
AndroForte testo cream have you tested these products for results1--
does adding dextrose to a whey shake immediately following a heavy workout improve muscle recovery and growth?1--
Can overeating certain foods on a day where you binge cause abnormal distension in the lower abdoment and also swell or bloat the cheeks?1--
What is the maximum dose of three I should take of berberine1--
Does masturbation adversely affect health/hormone levels/catecholamines?1--
Boron is said to be useful in treating Arthritis. Any study on that?1--
circumin for hepatitis c1--
Is it worth(provides healthful benefits that add to for the most part an already healthy diet) supplementing Conjugated Linoleic Acid or a B-Complex such as Stress B-Complex by Twinlab?1--
What substances are found in coffee.? Of what benefits are they to the human body?1--
Is soy lecithin a good source for cdp-choline1--
Could you please make a review about Yucca shidigera?1--
Can you provide any product efficacy or complaints concerning products from ProGrade Nutrition & Body Wise Intl?1--
I am receiving numerous unauthorized password resets. Can you look into this? THanks! My email is johntubman1@gmail.com1--
i'm 65 kgs person, i wanna be muscular, so, how much amount of leucine should i take with ammino or protein & will it effect my body fat (will i loose or gain fat by using this)1--
how can i gain my body (fat & protein both)1--
Have there been any studies on the use of bentonite clay?1--
What supplements should I take to repair a broken bone?1--
what do you think/kon\know about lysine?1--
Is dirty bulking not harmful specially for high metabolism people ?1--
Is aspartame dangerous to consume?1--
Does soy lecithin have feminizing effects?1--
Dr Oz said that Phytoceramides are good for the skin is that true?1--
Please could you give some information on HIV supplements? There is nothing on the whole site that deals with HIV/AIDS.1--
Is milk, more specially chocolate milk after a workout good or bad for you?1--
How important is nutrient or meal timing?1--
Will eating Honeybee Pollen help allergy suffers build a resistance to pollen-based allergies?1--
Does raising my natural testosterone have any short/mid/long term effect on muscle growth?1--
On the Sleep Quality stack, do you take lemon balm orally? Also I assume the Lavender is the oil which is placed on the pillow? It's not clear how you take this stack.1--
On the Sleep Quality stack, do you take lemon balm orally? Also I assume the Lavender is the oil which is placed on the pillow? It's not clear how you take this stack.1--
Do you need to be in calorie surplus to add muscle mass?1--
Will taking Astaxnathin which induces P450 enzyme reduce the bio-availability of cyanidin(C3G)?1--
Is it true that water is the most effective preventative for kidney stones?1--
is caffeine a diuretic1--
What is Chlorophyll? I've been advised by a bootcamping program to take Chlorophyll as it helps with cleaning the guts. Is this true? I couldn't find anything about it in Appreciate your help to enlighten this topic.1--
Is it ok to microwave meats?1--
How does fluoride consumption affect health?1--
Will you ever look at sugar and just like wish supplements look at the positive and negative there? Seems like nobody ever manage to get to the bottom of that one.1--
can you investigate calcium fructoborate please1--
Under "stacks" you recommend resveratrol, however, under your research sections you have only 1 study with a "C" level of evidence. Does recommend supplements that are not proven to be effective?1--
what is the healthiest protein supplement type?1--
Could you please include in your review of immune boosters something called Immunoglobulin Y (IgY) which are the antibodies found in chicken egg yolk?1--
Are there any health benefits in taking colloidal silver?1--
Does carb back-loading work?1--
I am unable to buy the online stack guides thru your website . how can I get it?1--
Nutrition recomended in Multiple Sclerosis cases? Also things to avoid in this case (MS)? thank you1--
I want to purchase one of the stacks. Can I share the access with my son who is off at college? If so, how do we do this?1--
Do you have an affiliate program for Stack Guides ?1--
What supplements are best for heavy metal poisoning?1--
Do your fat cells store toxins like all the people selling detox products claim? Is there is scientific evidence to support the claim that your fat cells store toxins in fat and do not want to release it?1--
Does Milk Thistle increase estrogen?1--
Can you check out on a alcohol hangover supplment called DHM (dihydromyricetin)?1--
I bought and downloaded many documents months ago. Problem is, I cant remember my username.When I enter my email it isnt registered. Is there any way you can find my "old" username based on name/payment?Regards Gøran Hårtveit1--
what happens in your body when you ingest natural sugars like fruit or vegetables1--
what happens in your body when you ingest natural sugars like fruit or vegetables1--
Please review Cobalt Chloride1--
gamma-Linolenic acid1--
Page on hydrilla verticillata please...1--
Do artificial sweeteners "light up" reward pathways like sugar does?1--
What evidence is there for the effectiveness of coQ10 in the treatment of gum disease?1--
1.5 gm of protein per lbs is correct?1--
Does phaseolamin block absorption of minerals into the body?1--
Does phaseolamin block absorption of minerals into the body?1--
Can starch blockers cause autoimmune diseases?1--
should olive leaf extract taste sweet?1--
Coffee VS Tea,,which is healthier?1--
What are some ways to lower estrogen + raise testosterone in women? (and vice versa in men) Will the guides here still apply?1--
Does microwaving your food eliminate most nutrients from the food?1--
Is sucralose toxic to the human body?1--
is bread bad for diabetic1--
Does porn and masturbation negatively effect men's lives as the 'Nofap' community claim?1--
is honey better than sugar (raw, brown etc)?1--
What are your top 3 supplements for long term use that benefits moderately active male in his mid 30's?1--
where can I find ways to prepare the Mucuma powder I have1--
does muscle memory actually exist??1--
I am dissapointed with the overall quality of the guide, and i would like execute the money-back guaranty. Where is a link or an e-mail for asking for it?1--
have you noticed this article on the Lancet:
What are some up and coming little-known lab tests that you see becoming popular?1--
What supplements/herbs are synergistic or interactive with alcohol or any cannabinoids? So that I may avoid them.1--
Do you have a page on Niacin (Vitamin B3)?1--
Is it safe to take a pre workout supplement with both agmatine and citrulline?1--
In terms of mortality and morbidity, is a plant based, whole foods diet the best?1--
Is there any research on IVL's product called All Day Energy Greens?1--
Realmente las personas ectomorfas les cuesta ganar masa muscular, si eso es cierto que me recomiendan que haga?1--
Is creatine safe for 16 years old teenager?1--
Does quercitin reduce allergy symptoms?1--
Is pycnogenol useful?1--
Is pycnogenol useful?1--
Does consumption of alcohol have any effect on body composition beyond its effects on caloric intake?1--
Soylent has updated their recipe. Could you please re-evaluate it? Coming from a soylent + examine user. Thanks!1--
Is there anything natural that can help prevent hair loss or even help regrow hair?1--
how much water does an individual need to drink in a day? Does timing and frequency of water consumption have a large impact on hydration?1--
Can you add Gymnema Sylvestre to your page? Also goes by Gymnemic Acid.1--
I have seen you just published your recent research regarding Kombucha. I would love to see the same regarding Kefir, if possible. Keep up the great work!1--
is citrulline mallate superior than citrulline by itself?1--
if i add a tsp of extra virgin olive oil to a whey powder concentrate shake will it slow its release like a cassein shake?1--
by supplements for humans1--
why should i eat more often?1--
do i get a discount for the stack guide now that i have already bought the supplement guide1--
What are the benefits of collagen?1--
Could you check if I already purchased the stacks formule? My credit card nr is 5248 8610 0557 5580. Hope to hear from you. kind regards, Gijs Holthof1--
I purchased the stack guides but i dont have them yet !1--
Can you do an analysis/critique on Soylent? (
Concerning your new "supplement stack" guides, are these print editions, or only available for download?1--
How can I calculate the macros of homemade almond milk?1--
Can, you create a diet plan that helps build muscle mass and helps lose fat?1--
Do u know something about the Zrii juice ?1--
Could you make a page on Humulus lupulus (hop) please?1--
Are AGEs (advanced glucagon endproducts) absorbed in the body and harmful?1--
What is the real effect of ejaculation on testosterone levels in males? if any?1--
Do Marijuana and Alcohol really "fry" brain cells, causing long term brain damage?1--
Will exposing oneself to the sun be enough to provide optimum levels of Vitamin D or is supplementation required?1--
Does marijuana affect brain development or schizophrenia risk in adolescents?1--
How does Marijuana and Alcohol use, in pregnancy, affect the child?1--
What is the best combination of supplements to lower your blood pressure?1--
Does grass fed butter is healthier than regular butter?1--
What it the correct dose to take per day?1--
Spencer Nadolsky why did you NOT encourage me more?1--
Is supplementing with 1gram of vitamin K2 (MK-4) safe or advisable? Thanks1--
Does Alleradd stand up to it's claims?1--
Does gluten have any impact on body fat?1--
Do you have any reviews on the company's JuicePlus products?1--
what is best time to take probiotic for females1--
Would taking Milk Thistle the day after using Adrafinil help to mitigate the negative effects that Adrafinil exerts on the liver?1--
i am very intrested in your supplement book, do u ship outside u.s? i live in finland1--
what causes breast tenderness and itching1--
Can you please write an article on Sida Cordifolia?1--
Do fats cause heart disease?1--
Dr. Julian Whitaker specifies taking Berberine befor large meals rather than after a meal as you indicate in your article. Which is correct.1--
Vitamine B5 <--> Akne1--
Does being 'Fat Adapted' confer any health or exercise benefits?1--
what is the best post workout after (IF 16/8) ?1--
what is the best post workout after (IF 16/8) ?1--
What are your thoughts on pre-training/competition ingestion times for best results as it relates to creatine, caffeine, etc (Etc being anything else you may recommend pre)1--
Do the effects of creatine last after you stop taking it in terms of strength?1--
erectile dysfunction1--
erectile dysfunction1--
What food-supplements slow cognitive decline in the elderly?1--
Are "superior forms" of folate i.e. 5-MTHF or folinic acid worth supplementing?1--
What are the effects of having entirely suppressed testosterone (castration, anti-androgens, etc) in regards to cognition and fitness progress?1--
What are the effects of having entirely suppressed testosterone (castration, anti-androgens, etc) in regards to cognition and fitness progress?1--
Do individual men produce there own individual protein from other men and how long does that stay in a woman's body after sexual intercourse1--
when your doing a creatine loading protocol is it .3g/kg of lean bodyweight or total bodyweight.1--
i'm 19, male, approx 55 kg, and i look skinny, 5ft 8 inches. What can i do to gain weight?1--
what is the best was to curb fat and salt cravings?1--
Do cannabinoid based appetite stimulants like Nutragainer really work?1--
yohimbine can be used in natural supplements or it is regulated by the FDA1--
what is the best product on t1--
Do protein shakes affect sperm health?1--
Diet: Honey and warm water benefits and can you have it more than once in a day??1--
What is Bromocriptine good for?1--
the uses of graviola1--
What food-supplements slow cognitive decline in the elderly?1--
Is there research on Bitter Melon Extract? Ive heard it used with respect to blood sugar.1--
Which is more beneficial: reducing dietary omega 6's or balancing them out with additional omega 3's?1--
Is there any evidence on the effectiveness of mega doses of niacin in treating mental illness?1--
Can you guys look into Theacrine -
Can you look into the health claims of the "Bulletproof Coffee" hype going around?1--
could resveratrol increase breast cancer risk?1--
Am I able to digest healthy fats without a gallbladder?1--
How much fat (g/kg) do I need every day?1--
How much carbohydrates (g/kg) do I need every day?1--
How much sugar (g/kg) do I need every day?1--
How many calories should I eat per day to lose fat without losing muscle?1--
Can you list the top 10 cleanest protein powders on the market?1--
if there a difference between taking vitamin k1 vs. vitamin k2? k1 is widely available on the market (and cheap) but k2 a little harder to find in the dosage kurtis recommends (especially the mk-7).1--
What supplements can help me fall asleep?1--
Dear all, I recently bought and downloaded the supplement guide but unfortunately the pages are empty from p.50 on. could you please provide me the full version1--
Hello there! Im wondering if theres any FAQ with what stuff you can use topically that acctually works for pain and/or inflammation thats not prescribed!1--
I cannot seem to research by condition. What supplements have been found effective to control blood glucose levels in non-diabetics.1--
is there a subscription to use the information to this site1--
never did steroids drugs... im 46 my testicles are small , and dissapear when erect why ..1--
Is it useful to take a dietary supplement like Ensure powder for chronic myocarditis?1--
Where is the nutrition guide that I ordered. It does not show on my profile. 07 Oct 2013 18:05:03 GMT+02:001--
just read this about pomengranates, what do you think?
What effect does acute phosphate loading have on endurance, anaerobic and neuromuscular performance?1--
coconut oil1--
Hey! Im taking a supplement called Rose Hip... are there any studies done on that?
How to calculate shifting cost while traveling from one city to another? What factors to consider?1--
what is the difference between buying your refernce guide and seeing them on your website as all the details regarding the supplements are already put up? p1--
What are your thoughts about methionine restriction?
What are your thoughts about methionine restriction?
Are lectins and phytates as bad as we're led to believe?1--
Does metformin prevent cancer?1--
Is the ECA stack safe to use for those who take Adderall while using fish oil as a substitute for aspirin?1--
Is vinpocetine effective at treating tinnitus and/or Meniere's disease?1--
How does salt in a diet affect weight louse?1--
Should I lift weights if underweight and trying to gain weight?1--
What about a Creatine Lotion?1--
beet root powder for 200lbs how many mg of powder to get 500mg of nitrates whts product do you reccamend1--
Are there contraindications using PQQ with a history of cancer1--
Do Brazil Nuts increase sex drive?1--
What is the effect of heat on phytochemicals?1--
How should one use supplements that inhibit mTOR, such as resveratrol and curcumin, with an overall goal of hypertrophy?1--
What can one do to help with multiple sclerosis?1--
What are the potential benefits and risks of Rob Rhinehart's "Soylent"?
Tell me about SeroVital1--
Should we walk early in the Morning1--
Ai want to know the effective dose of rosmarinic acid in mention the standard dose is 200-300mg active Rosmarinic acid (for oral ingestion) is this dose is effective in diabetes?1--
Is histamine release from casomorphin of concern?1--
How does pregnancy affect metabolism both during and after the gestation period?1--
Is there an interaction with Chlorogenic acid and Synthroid?1--
Are the claimed benefits of Chou Wu Chih true?1--
Creatine increase DHT and DHT:T ratio. Does this have any mental,physical or sexual effects?1--
is mucuna dopa and mucuna pruriens one and the same?1--
Curious if you gusy could add Fadogia Agrestis to your test boosting list?1--
is tudca safe in children less than 5 year of age1--
Can any one tell me why i am haviing high levels of energy increase from L-Tyrosine? Im not complaing because I have fibromyalgia and its really helped me. I would just like more info?1--
I was recommended I take a weight loss supplement as I feel I have plateaued. Is it a good idea to take a supplement? All the experiences in the past made me gain weight when I stopped taking them...1--
If there are so many usage of Berberine and it is considered to be a single medicine with less side effects, than why it is not so popular and having very less demand??1--
If there are so many usage of Berberine and it is considered to be a single medicine with less side effects, than why it is not so popular and having very less demand??1--
Is a load of O6 pre-wo useful during "anabolic window"?1--
I've heard about Zija, could you provide some info on their main ingredient, Moringa Oleifera? Thanks.1--
hi there is a new ingredient called fruitflow that inhibits platelet aggregation. i would like to know how it works and if it better than taking aspirin1--
hyperacidity was noticed with ashwagandha?1--
Is Yellow Pine Pollen an effective supplement for muscle growth?1--
Protein intake during caloric deficit to preserve muscle1--
Protein intake during caloric deficit to preserve muscle1--
Id like to know your perspective on products created by herbalife?1--
what are the safest(i know they are not) ways to treat gyno and if its more then 8 yrs or more old ,is surgery is the only option or still someone can take chance with pills or any recommended drugs,Thnks.1--
If supplementing with EPA and DHA, is it still necessary to have a dietary intake of ALA?1--
Hello. I am a fairly active individual who is weight training for some years now. I would like you to suggest me two or three (based on your expertise) of the most complete and quality multivitamins available. Many thanks!1--
How is the tolerance to Yohimbine HCL? Is it reversible? After how much time? When the tolerance develops it loses the effect in losing fat? How much time Yohimbine should be take continually and how much time should it be discontinued?1--
Regarding testosterone, are the effects related to isolated rebaudioside a too?1--
What can you tell me about the effects of Niacin1--
Effects of a diet high in cholesterol and saturated fats on key body composition hormones?1--
How does ZzzQuil affect hormonal levels? Are there negatives to overall health? A few clients of mine use it, and I've started using it a few times/week with great results.1--
What are the supplements that a 46 years old man need to take ?1--
I cant find Swertia Japonica1--
How do I avoid stagnating on a cut?1--
Does soda cause calcium to leech from bones?1--
Is there a correlation between wrist/ankle size and potential strength?1--
Do high phytic acid foods impact the nutrition value of other foods in the same meal?1--
Yohimbine HCL ---> there must be loading to take maximum efect on fat burning or there is immediate effect and can be taken only 3x times/week before cardio?1--
What license (copyright) does content have?1--
Is there any evidence of the increase in vascularity caused by sugar increasing performance?1--
Do you need to double the > intake of bcaa's and protein on non-fasting days?1--
I am a Mixed martial artist, what should I take to help me in this sport and in general health and well being.1--
I have suffered a fully torn ACL in my knee, as well as damage to my cartilage so higher chance of developing arthritis when I'm older. I am very physically active in MMA, is there anything good to supplement with?1--
does chocolate milk have the same benefits of a protein shake?1--
Been reading a lot about dandelion root as a natural diuretic - any plans to cover it? Cheers1--
is soy good for you1--
i have bought 3 different kind of supplements namely MUTATION™ (Vanilla) (6lb) 2.72kg, AGGRESSION™ 84 Capsules, REBELLION™ (Fruit Punch) 325g from enraged nutrition so please help me about the side effects1--
What are the best nootropics for a healthy adult?1--
appetite suppressants1--
Are there nutritional benefits to eating whole fruit over smoothies made by blending whole fruit? If so, in what ways?1--
Hello I would like to know is there any chance that Ashwagandha or Rhodiola Rosea can make urine doping test positive? Thank you!1--
Is the maximum dosage of cartinite 4 grams regardless of the form of cartinite? Or can you take the maximum dosage of each form of cartinite1--
Do any vitamins or minerals have any benefits if you don't have a deficiency?1--
Could you add fibromyalgia to your list of health conditions or supplement stacks instaed of mentioning, in passing, that a supplement could be helpful for it?1--
Are there any studies on creatine use in older males and prostate function? Ceatine use causes increased levels of DHT which has been linked to BPH and other prostate issues.1--
How long can you go without eating before the body utilizes muscle tissue for energy.?1--
7,8 Benzoflavone I don't see an entry for it. Any info (touted as aromatase inhibitor)?1--
downloading supplement goal guide to laptop and ipad1--
Can I take bacopa monnieri 500 mg with crestor 5 mg which i am taking for cholesterol1--
Can you combine GPLC (4.5 Grams) and Citrulline malate (6 Grams) in a single servings?1--
Low iron levels. What supplement to help increase1--
appetite surpressent1--
How to stop sweet cravings1--
what is the best creatine supplement in the market?1--
What are the best health supplements for a healthy adult?1--
Do anti-inflamitory diets improve endometriosis pain?1--
Is mercury really an issue when eating Tuna or other large fish?1--
If you were to pick a mix of 5 supplements to promote the following, which 5 would you choose?(Non prescription) 1. Promote Sleep 2. Relieve Anxiety & Stress 3. Elevate Mood 4. Increase stamina 5 Suppress Apetite1--
Are vegetable oils bad for our health?(canola,corn,sunflower,,etc)1--
Is eating low GI carbs beter for fat Loss than high GI?1--
What supplement/drugs interactions are relevant? (e.g. Vitamin C/acetylsalicylic acid)1--
What should i supplement when taking drug X? (e.g. X being statins, you should take Q10 cause mitochondrial impact)1--
What can I take for muscle cramp and want dose1--
Is creatine useless if it is not coingested with carbohydrates?1--
With regards to caffeine cycling, how long would it take to reset caffeine tolerance?1--
2000 mg three times a day of Ashgwandha seems very high and expensive. How is it possible to achieve this dose? Is there somewhere trusted I can buy this for cheap?1--
Low iron levels. What supplement to help increase1--
Is grilling meats etc safe? i've read somewhere that it can cause cancer? Thanks1--
I have epilepsy and I'm taking LAMICTAL as my maintenance.I just want to ask if its advisable for take both at the aame time?please i need an answer ..thank u1--
Does macronutrient ratios affect body composition?1--
Supplements always contain excipients (fillers etc) Are there any that should be avoided1--
What is the difference between glutamine and glutamic acid?1--
Is it possible to collect data on Maltodextrin? Haven't found any on the site.1--
Anyone taking Phosphatidlyserine? Has anyone had any help with this supplement? Thank you.1--
which method sperm made?1--
Does Yohimbe interact with Adderall negatively?1--
Does the wearing of compression clothing offer any benefits to weightlifting (strength/hypertrophy)1--
Would you guys come out with your nootropic supplement already? :) [PB Andy from t-nation]1--
?high dose coq10 produce weird &vivid dream1--
Report on Tongkat Ali1--
Do frozen vegetables/fruits retain their nutritional profile?1--
I have epilepsy and I'm taking LAMICTAL as my maintenance.I just want to ask if its advisable for take both at the aame time?please i need an answer ..thank u1--
what is niacin?1--
My garlic supplement is a 800mg tablet, but it says "equivalent to 20000mg garlic allicin content" is there a risk of testicular toxicity when taking ONE pill a day? Thanks1--
How much raw cocoa powder is equivelent to the recommended effective dose of coca extract?1--
Benefits of Riboflavin, does it really help with migraines?1--
What supplements create water retention1--
Does 5-HTP cause chest pain?1--
How should I train to maximally increase cardiovascular fitness?1--
Is butter healthier than margarine?1--
Hi. Can you guys do reviews of "alt med" and herbs such as Golden Seal, Pine Pollen, Wheat Germ, etc? Thanks!1--
Thoughts on "green powders". Useful or not? I know you have an article already on spirulina, but wondered what you think in general. Thanks.1--
What are your thoughts on ORAC value? Such as in this list I've been adding spices to my protein shakes to help up ORAC Value.1--
I will like to get info about a fruit palmer tree from south america knows as Açaí, Azaí, Acaí. ThanX1--
Supplements to improve mitochondria?1--
Not a question, but I can't find anyother way to contact you. Thanks for existing! This website has been nothing short of a lifesaver when it comes to picking nootropics. Keep up the good work :)1--
Does calcium inhibit absorption of ZMA?1--
Is potasium iodide safe and effective?1--
Do acid forming foods cause bone loss?1--
Is the oxidization of fats through cooking or storage really as worrisome as some Paleo eaters claim?1--
Hvae you done any research on direct marketing nutritional shakes? Specifically shakeology? Im currently drinking it and I have noticed improvements but I just want more research on it.1--
Which is better for protein synthesis - milk or water?1--
Are expiration dates warnings concerning potency or toxicity of a supplement? For example is L-carnitine tartrate dating from 2006 toxic or simply less potent in 2013? Is it safe to take anyway?1--
Is Fiber the End-All-Be-All Panacea it is Claimed to be? What are the Specific Functions of Fiber?1--
does the consumption of dairy products contribute to weight gain1--
Does drinking large amounts of water speed up recovery from the common cold or flu?1--
Please provide information about the uses and study of Edetic Acid for health.1--
While fasting and doing exercise, what is being used as energy? Mainly fats? or amino acids? (Or amino acids that get converted into sugar, which is then used?)1--
Are there benefits to exercising while intermittent fasting? Does your performance go down? Or does it depend on the type of exercise? (Aerobic, Anaerobic, etc)1--
Is "detoxification" really necessary?1--
Are epsom salt baths good for you?1--
Which is a better all around supplement for fitness citrulline or citrulline malate?1--
Is polyphasic sleep healthy and effective?1--
What about Graviola? Check it out.1--
What are the benefits or side effects of Chromium Picolinate?1--
Under what circumstances will the body use muscle tissue for fuel?1--
Do you need carbs to build muscle?1--
I'd like to have a new PROFILEn on SUPPLEMENT about Gymnema Sylvestre1--
Best source of Panax Ginseng supplementation (red/white)?1--
between blend protein and isolate protein which 1 is helpful for gaining muscles size and gr8 physique ???1--
Do you guys have some kind of comprehensive nutrition guide that shows what nutrients your body needs and what foods contain them1--
Antioxidants and All Cause Mortality Study?1--
What should I do if I came up positive for anti-cardiolipin antibodies?1--
Is Kava bad to take alongside any of the following: creatine, vit D/K, fish oil, bacopa monnieri, citrulline, spirulina, curcumin, zinc, magnesium?1--
Is Kava's reaction time improvement short term based or will it help in the long run?1--
Could you do some research in bovine colostrum and see what it's capable of ?1--
Does magnesium l-threonate have any backing for increasing brain function?1--
I have recovered well from an MI and quintuple bypass seven years ago. Vital signs are now normal and I'm not on any medication. I'm 71 and feel extremely well. Would it be safe for me to add L-Citrulline to my supplements?1--
1 level 5ml metric tsp. = 3000mg's1--
What are the top 10 most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies?1--
Can i use Yohimbe(98% yohimbine) in a formulation without getting in trouble with the FDA, (at 15.5 mg per serving)? Can you give me a source that details what supplements cannot be used. Thank you1--
I know creatine is useful for brief, power exercises and that beta-alanine is beneficial for exercises of slightly longer duration, yet still above the lactate threshold. What are useful supplements for endurance exercise below the lactate threshold?1--
How does di-arginine malate compare with other arginine sources?1--
What do you think about MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern)?1--
What can you tell us about "1-Andro" or "1-DHEA"? Is it the same as DHEA?1--
a meal plan example for 176gms Protein - 234gms Carbs & 104gms Fat1--
Is salt bad for you?1--
What is the recommended dose ?1--
I used L-Carnitine L-Tartarate for 5 days, 500 mg morning and evening. After this I got numbness and Sildenafil / Tadafil do not affect me. Kindly suggest what to do?1--
Que pasa si completo mis calorías diarias del día, y tengo un exceso de carbohidratos ganare grasa?1--
Puedo engordar si sobrepaso mis macronutrientes diarios, No importa que consuma mis calorías diarias (Calorías mantenimiento)1--
¿De que otra manera puedo engordar sin tener exceso calorico?.1--
What are some good foods to keep me full before bed but not storing much fat/calories1--
Does donating blood have positive effects on mortality, particularly for men?1--
Is HBM (calcium-hydroxy-methylbutyrate) effective?1--
Is Serrapeptase contraindicated with statins?1--
What is the role of insulin and insulin resistance or sensitivity in weight regulation?1--
Does the health affects of Crossfit?1--
Does dairy affect calcium absorption?1--
if anyone doesn't go to gym, but wants heathy body then protien powder will support it?1--
if someone stop using protien powder then any change will appeared in body?1--
How much merit does the Bulletproof diet hold?1--
Does BCAA prevent muscle breakdown for fuel when weight training?1--
Is Bulletproof coffee good for the body?1--
Should i be concerned about the oxidized cholesterol in powdered milk/whey protein?1--
If an individual gets leaky gut syndrome due to a sensitivity of free glutamic acid, are there any supplements which can help alleviate the symptoms?1--
Please! PUT A Gymnema sylvestre and Gymnemic acid on list of Supplement1--
How does caffeine dehydrate the body?1--
Herbal Treatment for Top 10 Most Common Skin Problems0--
where can i access the reference guide i bought? when i click the link it just wants me to buy it again. is it even different than what is on the site?0--
Will taking Astaxnathin which induces P450 enzyme reduce the bio-availability of cyanidin(C3G)?0--
Does caffeine withdrawal make it hard to get out of bed in the morning?0--
I see that you have added nattokinase to the supplements but will you be adding the actual natto food in the future? Love your website!0--
Is it true that the B1-B6-B12 vitamin pills help the body to absorb protein and build muscle?0--
Why are the widely recognized blood-glucose reducing benefits of cinnamon not included in this guide?0--
What is the maximum amount of protein that the body can use in a day to form muscle?
What effect does MSG have on the body?
Do you really need to cycle an EC(A) stack?
Is (too much) protein from supplements unhealthy (especially for the liver)?
Is beta alanine a synthetyic amino acid
Please address or debunk this popular anti-HFCS tirade:
Does ZMA really cause changes in dreams and if so, why?
Is kava effective in reducing anxiety?
What aromatase inhibitor should I take alongside 3g/day of D-Aspartic Acid?
How do I lower estrogen levels?
Does lifting have an adverse affect on children?
What's the deal with grape seed extract?
What are the benefits of weightlifting?
Does adding vinegar to a meal work as well as taking it in water, in terms of weight loss?
Krill vs fish oil?
What can one do to help with depression?
How do you cycle caffeine? How many weeks on? And how many weeks off?
Why no info on nitric oxide
What's the deal with Bromelain?
Would whey be able to aggravate acne by spiking insulin?
Does nicotine reduce insulin sensitivity?
What is the reason it is not ideal to consume vitamin A and D together?
Bromelain: how much, when, etc.
What supplements help ease the effects of Arthrosis?
Tell me about Cissus quadrangularis
What is Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione (main ingredient in PES Erase)?
¿Why you don't hace a page that talks about nitric oxide?
Calcium B-Hydroxy, B-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate
Are multivitamins bad for you?
What good is insulin?
How do I tone?
What's better as a supplement: flaxseed oil or fish oil?
What are some good aphrodisiacs?
Does eating or not eating breakfast affect weight loss?
Does Creatine cause hair loss?
Does creatine damage your kidneys?
Is there such a thing as being "big boned"?
Does vinegar speed up the metabolism?
How do I calculate my metabolism?
Is semen actually high in protein?
What supplements should I start with if I just want to get healthier?
Is Caloric Restriction really an effective way to loose weight?
How do carbs make you fat?
Can foods have "negative" calories?