Required Reading - March 23 2012

by Sol Mar 23, 2012
  • Lay off Antioxidants - as is common to man, we take something good, make it godly, and abuse it. Just like all inflammation is not "bad", just like cortisol is not always "bad", the same applies here.

  • UK to tax sports drinks - more FYI than anything else.

  • Palatability, Satiety and Calorie Intake - the more delicious something is, the less filling it is.

  • NEAT Tricks - "NEAT can run as low as 15% in sedentary individuals and as high as 50% in highly active individuals."

  • Calories are not calories? - I really like this. My worry, as with most things, is people take the 5% (eg fructose is slightly more fat-storing than glucose), and convert it into a black and white rule.

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